Roman 12:4 and 1 Corinthians 12:20 are the  basis for this Kingdom concept.

We at iLAEA believe that our greatest asset is one another.  In order for the Kingdom to be effective we believe all of us with the same mindset and beliefs must act as one unit, one Body.

A body is a set of members (arms. legs, head, torso, etc.) that function as originally designed in differing ways to operate as one entity.  We are more effective as one living, moving, thriving organism, than we ever could just operating singularly as a finger or a toe, an eye or an ear alone.

Everything we need is already in the house.  God has gifted each of us with a unique set of gifts, talents and skills that when applied to specific scenarios or circumstances make the difference and bring Glory to God.  We are employing this ideology with this Kingdom ideal.

With this tool we invite visionaries to list your “Kingdom Project” so that “Kingdom Citizens” who desire to submit their God-given talents, professional experience, time, energy,  and skill sets to the completion of any project(s) of their choice, thereby significantly decreasing or eliminating the need for a good amount of financing required to launch a  vision.

Please join us in uniting as one to get more done!