iLAEA Collegiate


iLAEA exists to globally impact, influence, ignite, and inspire audiences with a focus on lifestyle and culture, arts, music, & entertainment including: Comedy, Film, Hip-Hop, Inspirational, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Reggae, Reggae ton, R&P, Spoken Word, Television, Theater, and Visual/Fine Arts.


iNSPIRED Lifestyle Arts, & Entertainment Alliance is a professional association seeking to establish the validity of the urban inspirational music/entertainment industry; to engage new consumers and gain market share; and enhance unity among professionals, ministries, and businesses via the internet, social media, radio, TV, print/publications, other media, conferences, tours, workshops, and local fellowships as a means of distribution.

iNSPIRED Lifestyle Arts & Entertainment Alliance (iLAEA) is Expanding Culture at the Intersection of Ministry & Industry; iMPACTing…iNFLUENCing…iGNITing…iNSPIRing…Culture

As an organization, we are engaging college student in every way we can and have declared a new direction in the entertainment industry. iLAEA is generating a revolution for a now generation and the next millennium. We are initiating a hostile take over! Society needs a higher standard in entertainment and media. iLAEA Collegiate is one of our newest divisions to drive this effort.

In the marketplace urban entertainment and media is credited with the driving success of the urban lifestyle. Its influence has advertisers, carmakers, corporations, clothing designers, jewelers, magazine publishers, television producers, and filmmakers standing up and taking notice. We are poised to supply what they demand.

iLAEA Collegiate’s aim is to globally impact the lives of students on college campuses in an active and aggressive manner, steering the masses toward their purposed-filled paths that lead to a passionate, constructive, and productive existence.

If you are a college student or are connecting to them and interested in finding out how to revolutionize arts and entertainment on your campus or in your community, go to Internship Form and complete the inquiry form.  Also, be sure to send a sample or portfolio of your work to iLAEACollegiate@iLAEA.com.

Also, if you are a professional service provider, enterpreneur, or corporation involved in the entertainment industry and looking to work with enthusiastic, energized, and ready-to-work students, send us an email to iLAEACollegiateJobPlacement@iLAEA.com or iLAEACollegiateInternship@iLAEA.com.