iLAEA ‘Common-Unity’ Fund recognizes the many needs of the Body of Christ.  Therefore, we have constructed a way in which to address some of these needs within the confines of our sphere of influence.

‘Common-Unity’ is our way of exemplifying the life of Jesus Christ while simultaneously impacting the world.  ‘Common-Unity’ is our unique approach to community thinking, application, and service.

iLAEA understands the many plights of the Urban Gospel Industry and seeks to close the gaps that exist as barriers to our mission to spread the Gospel.  ‘Common-Unity’ will receive its initial funding from 10% of all iLAEA membership fees and be managed by our independent accounting firm.  Additionally, we hope to receive funding from public donations.

The fund will primarily go to finance the structuring, planning, marketing, promotion, and advertising of some of our industries most anointed, talented, and prepared artists/ministries.  Secondary to this purpose is to provide assistance to Christian related community outreach functions championed by UGAI Community Improvement Corporation (CIC, pronounced “kick”).

A third, and very limited, function of this fund will go to provide temporary support to artists, ministries, or individual in need of temporary funds to provide food, basic shelter, and gasoline needs of families in dire or emergency circumstances.

The real foundational truth about ‘Common-Unity’ is that it is based upon a community having all things in Common and deciding to be unified in supporting one another.  Those individuals, ministries, or families in need of an application* for funds, send a request to

Please consider donating to the fund so that our community lacks no good thing.

Click the “Donation” link below NOW to contribute!


*Applications selected by committee to be funded will be decided based upon priority, need, resources available, and funds available.