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Atlanta’s #1 Station “Where Holy Hip Hop Rules” Now Broadcasting!

Holy Hip Hop Radio Atlanta (ATL)

Atlanta. October 9, 2017.  Holy Hip Hop Radio is now airing 24/7 worldwide on AM 1430 The King, Atlanta’s #1 Station, Where Holy Hip Hop Rules. AM 1430 The King is situated in Atlanta, GA, with a population coverage count of up to 2.6 million or 57% of metro Atlanta residents with Atlanta being rated as the #8 market in the United States. To listen, please go to: Minister Danny Wilson will serve as Program Director of AM 1430. To submit music, please email .mp3 files only to:

If you would like to advertise with introductory rates as low as $2.50 for a .30 sec spot or if you’d like to host your church or radio show for $49/$99 a week, please contact us TODAY!

“Since 1997, the global Holy Hip Hop movement has made great strides worldwide powered by digital platforms, grass roots and word-of-mouth. AM 1430 The King will serve as a strategic platform for Holy Hip Hop pioneers, as well as aspiring Ministers of the Gospel. On AM 1430 The King you will be able to experience powerful, soul-stirring beats and lyrics from Holy Hip Hop Ministers such as: Mr. Del, Canton Jones, This’l, Dice Gamble, K-Drama, T-Haddy, Ambassador, Fro, Murk, Desciple, Datin, Minister Blak, Dtroit Reed and many more, as well as teaching and talk programs. The global movement to Take The Gospel To The Streets marches on coast-to-coast and in every city worldwide,” said Danny Wilson,Program Director, AM 1430 The King. 1 Sam. 17:26.
About AM 1430 The King: AM 1430 The King, Atlanta’s #1 Station, Where Holy Hip Hop Rules covers 2.6 million residents of metro Atlanta (57% of metro Atlanta residents) playing music that uplifts, enlightens and inspires 24/7 in support of the global mission to Take The Gospel To the Streets. To submit music for airplay consideration or to listen to The King tune into AM 1430, or go to:, Twitter #1430TheKing ( AM 1430 The King can also be heard via TuneIn at: (key words: AM 1430 The King) at:

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iLAEA Common-Unity

iLAEA ‘Common-Unity’ Fund

iNSPiRED Lifestyle Arts & Entertainment Alliance recognizes the many needs of the Body of Christ.  Therefore, we have constructed a way in which to address some of these needs within the confines of our sphere of influence.

‘Common-Unity’ is our way of exemplifying the life of Jesus Christ while simultaneously impacting the world.  ‘Common-Unity’ is our unique approach to community thinking, application, and service.

iLAEA understands the many plights of the Urban iNSPiRED Industry and seeks to close the gaps that exist as barriers to our mission to spread the Gospel.  ‘Common-Unity’ will receive its initial funding from 10% of all iLAEA membership fees.  Additionally, we hope to receive funding from public donations.

The fund will primarily go to finance the structuring, planning, marketing, promotion, and advertising of some of our industries most anointed, talented, and prepared artists/ministries.  Secondarily, we seek to provide assistance to Christian related community outreach functions championed by UGAI Community Improvement Corporation (CIC, pronounced “kick”).

A third, and very limited, function of this fund will go to provide temporary support to artists, ministries, or individual in need of temporary funds to provide food, basic shelter, and gasoline needs of families in dire or emergency circumstances.

The real foundational truth about ‘Common-Unity’ is that it is based upon a community having all things In-Common and deciding to be UNIFIED in supporting one another.  Those individuals, ministries, or families in need of funds, send a request to

Please consider donating to the fund so that our community lacks no good thing.

For more information on how to contribute or get involved, send an email to!

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Urban iNSPiRED Lifestyle Consumer Survey


Strength in numbers!

If your interested in revolutionizing & transforming the entertainment industry, then you already understand it to be a collaborative effort.

Please invest some time to take this comprehensive survey (click the image above to start the survey) and “Be the i” that iGNiTE’s the change you want to see!

Also, by participating, you have a chance at winning $200.

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Why Membership and Participation in iLAEA & iCulture is Imperative

The Entertainment Revolution is iMMiNENT!  One can only declare this truth by revelation.  Further, one can only advance such an audacious goal by believing that one plus an All Powerful/All Knowing God equal the majority.

This is the basis for building the membership of iLAEA and industry expansion for the Urban Inspirational Industry.

The Traditional Gospel Music Industry differs from its lifestyle-centric distant cousin-Mainstream Entertainment-in that Gospel Music is seen by most a merely an event on Sunday, in a mid-week service, or special event.

iLAEA seeks to change this dynamic by involving Urban-iNSPiRED Faith-Driven consumers in the process increasing market share for artists, businesses, and ministries, etc.

Additionally, we plan to provide all of the membership of iLAEA with culturally-relevant content and lifestyle preferences that can be integrated into all aspects of their everyday lives and not just on Sunday mornings.

Members of iLAEA can expect to be empowered, experience unique activities, and participate in differentiated engagements.

Help us make God’s Name great in music and entertainment.  JOIN TODAY to help us meet our goal of 50,000 members!



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Differences: A Point for Cooperation not Contention

People come in all different shapes and sizes.  And with these people come different backgrounds, experiences, values, norms, and their different opinions.  Sometimes in noting the differences in one another we tend to not see the unique gifts and treasures each may bring to any given situation.

Difference don’t always have to be a source of conflict, they can be a reason to celebrate.  When we decide to look for the greater purpose in coming together, we may find that we have more in common than not. 1 Corinthians 12:12-20 highlights the fact that diffrences is what actually makes us uniquely a part of a grand design.

On a large scale, and when you really do think about it, do our differences really matter if we agree on the same goal?

In urban inspiration, I think we can all agree that a soul impacted, influenced, inspired, or saved is far more important than the route one may take to get there.  Although our doctrines, programs, processes, and policies may differ, do we not all celebrate when one more person is saved to eternity with Christ and added to the Kingdom?

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Urban Gospel Alliance International (UGAI) Changes Name


Expanding Culture at the Intersection of Ministry & Industry

Urban Gospel Alliance International (UGAI) is proud to announce it transition to a new name, image, and focus as a corresponding shift also takes place in the Urban Inspirational Industry.

Welcome to iNSPiRED Lifestyle Arts & Entertainment Alliance (iLAEA)!  This transformation has been 10 years in the making.  Our renewed motivation centers on the culture and lifestyle of urban inspired and faith driven consumerism and connecting them to the newest developments in urban inspirational arts, entertainment, media, and music.


iLAEA exists to globally impact, influence, ignite, and inspire audiences with a focus on lifestyle and culture, arts, music, & entertainment including: Comedy, Film, Hip-Hop, Inspirational, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Reggae, Reggae ton, R&P, Spoken Word, Television, Theater, and Visual/Fine Arts.


iNSPiRED Lifestyle Arts, & Entertainment Alliance (iLAEA) is a professional association seeking to establish the validity of the urban inspirational music/entertainment industry; to engage new consumers and gain market share; and enhance unity among professionals, ministries, and businesses via the internet, social media, radio, TV, print/publications, other media, conferences, tours, workshops, and local fellowships as a means of distribution.


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