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Google Celebrates Hip Hop History

On this day, in 1973… click the link in the image above to not only hear the legendary Fab Five Freddie give you a run down of this historical day in hip-hop culture, but also allow you to try your hand at mixin’  on the 1’s & 2’s.

Thats what’s up Google!

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Eunice Gillion Singles Feature: Reinvent Yourself!

Reinvent yourself!

Recently, I was feeling empty and stuck. I felt like I had plateau and this was my destined place.

Many times when we start a project, get a new contract, or maybe even start a business; we come out the gate strong. A year or two might pass and it starts to feel ‘typical’ and non-progressive.

Is this the place I was destined or is there more? Should I push beyond this place or settle in?

One might find him or herself asking these questions and searching for the answers. I want to share with you what God shared with me:


Consult God!

Proverbs 3: 5-6 says…… Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding; In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

At this point in the dilemma, you don’t understand why you are where you are. That’s why the Bible is saying do not lean on this or make a decision based upon that. Many times, our emotions are in the driver’s seat in these type of scenarios.

Acknowledge God!

How do you acknowledge God?

Pray this, “God you are the Lord of everything. God you are the Most High. God you understand. I am your creation for a specific assignment. I have a purpose. God show me your heartbeat for this scenario

Acknowledging God is asking and requiring His decision on the matter.

God will direct your path.

How does God direct your path?

The best way I have found to know the direction of God is to follow peace.

If you are having a strong sense of a drive to continue, then God has not destined you to that place and wants you to push past it.

How do I push past this?

Answer: Reinvent yourself!

If you are an artist; create a remix of one of your best songs.

If you are an author; add a journal to the book.

If you are an entrepreneur; set up a pop up shop in a nearby city or location.

If you are a teacher; redecorate your classroom that creates an adventure or experience for your students.

Whatever state you are in; find a way to reinvent your method.

Use Youtube as a platform for creative inspiration.

When you have reached your destiny, God will give you peace.

If this post encouraged you or you got a nugget from it, my only request is that you send it to someone you know needs to also read it that someone else may also be enlightened to ‘reinvent themselves’. And this is how you become Kingdom-minded.

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iLAEA Common-Unity

iLAEA ‘Common-Unity’ Fund

iNSPiRED Lifestyle Arts & Entertainment Alliance recognizes the many needs of the Body of Christ.  Therefore, we have constructed a way in which to address some of these needs within the confines of our sphere of influence.

‘Common-Unity’ is our way of exemplifying the life of Jesus Christ while simultaneously impacting the world.  ‘Common-Unity’ is our unique approach to community thinking, application, and service.

iLAEA understands the many plights of the Urban iNSPiRED Industry and seeks to close the gaps that exist as barriers to our mission to spread the Gospel.  ‘Common-Unity’ will receive its initial funding from 10% of all iLAEA membership fees.  Additionally, we hope to receive funding from public donations.

The fund will primarily go to finance the structuring, planning, marketing, promotion, and advertising of some of our industries most anointed, talented, and prepared artists/ministries.  Secondarily, we seek to provide assistance to Christian related community outreach functions championed by UGAI Community Improvement Corporation (CIC, pronounced “kick”).

A third, and very limited, function of this fund will go to provide temporary support to artists, ministries, or individual in need of temporary funds to provide food, basic shelter, and gasoline needs of families in dire or emergency circumstances.

The real foundational truth about ‘Common-Unity’ is that it is based upon a community having all things In-Common and deciding to be UNIFIED in supporting one another.  Those individuals, ministries, or families in need of funds, send a request to

Please consider donating to the fund so that our community lacks no good thing.

For more information on how to contribute or get involved, send an email to!

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The Happening’s



The Lifestyle of Urban iNSPiRED and Faith-Driven Consumers is an imperative part of culture.  It is the difference between merely existing or truly living.

iLAEA will feature the latest happening’s in or around your city to add a distinct quality to you and your family’s lifestyle!

Check our Upcoming Events

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Black Buying Power


Reprinted from Target Market News


‘Buying Power of Black America’ probes spending shifts caused by tight economy

Report breaks down Black American economy dollar-by-dollar
According to the data found in a new report, “The Buying Power of Black America,” now may be the most opportune time ever for businesses to develop a strategy for increasing their share of the Black American market. With the nation slowly recovering from recession, Black consumers represent the margin of profitability in most consumer product categories.
“What the recession did to Black America’s buying habits is to give them a reason to re-evaluate how they spent the billions of dollars they earned collectively,” said Ken Smikle, president of Target Market News and editor of the report. “Before tight economic times, companies felt they could afford to take their loyalty — especially to top brands — for granted. That changed during the downturn. Price was a bigger factor driving purchasing decisions. Now brands have to earn the loyalty of Black consumers all over again. Black consumers are asking brands, ‘what have you done for me lately.'”
For the past 17 years, Target Market News has published the only report that breaks down in dollars the impact of the Black Consumer Market. Now approaching a trillion dollars in spending, the earned income of Black America is already the 16th largest market in the world, and is on the verge of surpassing the gross national income of Mexico. This 105-page report breaks down how much of Black consumers’ $836 billion in income was spent during 2011 on clothing, entertainment, food, beverages, toys, consumer technology, cosmetics, autos, travel and dozens of other categories.
Another factor causing a shift in the loyalty of Black consumers is social media and increased access to business information. The new edition of “The Buying Power of Black America” includes a section detailing the dollars spent by major companies on advertising in Black media. It also compares the ad spending of companies by categories.
“African-Americans can now rely on their own research about brands,” said Smikle. “This is one of the reasons why we added a section that tracks how much leading advertisers spent in Black-oriented media. There is a correlation between building and sustaining Black consumers’ patronage and the dollars spent to reach them through advertising. That fact has not changed in this diverse media environment — it has become an imperative for brands that want success.”
Additionally, advertising is a key measurement of the economic relationship companies have with Black consumers. “The largest single investment that Corporate America makes in the Black community is in advertising,” said Smikle. “That investment is about $2 billion a year, but it should be at least twice that amount given the importance of the market and the role these consumers play in any company’s bottom line.”
The spending of the top 80 advertisers in Black media are detailed in the report. The No.1 company, Procter & Gamble, spent $78.9 million in 2011, while the No.80 company, Apple, spent just $1.6 million.
Top 10 Expenditures in Black Households – 2011 (Figures shown in billion of dollars)

Housing and Related Charges $206.2
Food 70.7
Health Care 25.5
Cars and Trucks – New & Used 22.6
Apparel Products and Services 21.1
Insurance 20.6
Contributions 19.7
Telephone Services 18.2
Households Furnishings & Equipment 15.2
Media 9.7

Source: The Buying Power of Black America 2012 The report compares spending by Black households on 500-plus products and services between 2010 and 2011. The top five categories showing an increase in spending between 2010 and 2011 were Appliances, $2.7billion (29%); Sports and Recreational Equipment, $850 million (28%); Personal and Professional Services, $5 billion (27%); Computers, $5 billion (21%); and Non-Alcoholic Beverages, $4.3billion (16%).
“The Buying Power of Black America” is an analysis of data compiled annually by the U.S. Department of Commerce. It is based on interviews and diaries collected from more than 3,000 Black households, and is the most comprehensive survey conducted on Black consumers. This same data is also used as the basis for the U.S. government’s Consumer Price Index.
The 17th annual edition of The Buying Power of Black America includes these sections covering: – Expenditure & Trends: An break down of how spending by Black consumers has changed in more than 500 individual categories between 2010 and 2011. – Income Data: A detailed look at how much African-Americans earn, explanations of the varied definitions and types of income, city-by-city data on Black income, a comparison with world economies and a look at Black buying power over the past 30 years. – Black Buying Power in the Top 35 Markets: An expanded breakdown of the billions of dollars Black consumers spent in 26 major categories of products and services in the nation’s top markets.
– Leading Black Media Advertisers: A ranking of national advertisers and industries according to their ad expenditures in Black media – The 100-Plus Index: A special section providing data on dozens of items for which African-American consumers out-spent their white counterparts. – Demographic Data on the Black Population: The latest information on the African-American population including rankings of the largest Black metropolitan areas, the percentage of Black population in U.S. cities and a listing of the total dollars earned by Black consumers for each of the past three decades. More than 3,000 hard-to-find statistics are now available in this one affordable publication. “The Buying Power of Black America” is an analysis of data compiled annually by the U.S. Department of Commerce. It is based on interviews and diaries collected from 3,000 Black households, and is the most comprehensive survey conducted on Black consumers. This same data is also the basis for the U.S. government’s Consumer Price Index.
This hard-to-find information is now available in a single affordable source for $99, or just $65 for the digital version. To order a hard-copy or digital version of the report click here, or call 312-408-1881.
Go to Target Market News homepage

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Urban Inspired Family Content

No Where but Up

Words by Coral Davids, iLAEA Intern

Pattie Mallette, famously know as Justin Bieber’s mom, recently published her own book called, No Where but Up. The book covers many of Mallette’s trials, tribulations, sexual abuse, teen pregnancy and sinful habits, subject matter this writer feels makes for great conversation in urban inspired families.

Very early on Pattie witnessed her alcoholic father walk out on their family as well as being sexually abused by a family acquaintance at the vulnerable and innocent age of three.“I was sexually violated so many times that as the years went by it began to feel normal”, wrote Mallette.

In trying to fill the void of her fathers’ absence she turned to drinking and doing drugs at fourteen. To support herself and her destructive lifestyle she committed minor crimes and dealt drugs.

When she met Jeremy Bieber, their relationship was rather shaky from the start so she would take a step back from the relationship to gather her thoughts and emotions. However, soon she found herself back in the arms of Bieber.  It wasn’t too long after being back with Bieber; that she discovered she was pregnant at the age of eighteen with Justin.

Pattie and Jeremy had serious discussions and even argued about keeping the baby.  Bieber’s option was to abort the pregnancy, but Mallette knew she had to keep this child, she stated,“I knew that I had to do what it took to keep the baby. I just couldn’t abort him.”  

At the time, Mallette was living in a home for young pregnant mothers when she gave birth to Justin Bieber.  After the delivery Pattie picked up several part time jobs to support her new young family and worked her way through college training in website design which was funded by scholarships she earned. During the course of her training Bieber’s musical talents began to develop.  Justin began performing on the streets, something Mallette would have never thought of doing. Eventually, Justin began earning the family thousands of dollars by the tender age of six!

Then Mallette had the bright notion to create a YouTube account in order to send videos of Justin singing to a relative. She had no idea his videos would get over a million views not to mention a music recording contract to boot! By the time of her son’s thirteenth birthday his career had launched, and today his sky-rocketing brand is showing no signs of coming back to earth!

Mallette shares in her book that the main reason she survived so much is due to Jesus and the angels that were sent from heaven to rescue her from darkness, awaken her soul, and revive her spirit. Her faith in Christ helped her to turn away from temptation and fear.  Pattie is now living a clean and sober life in support of her son as well as herself. It is a miracle that she didn’t abort her child!

When one considers Mallet’s beginning along with the tragedies she suffered, it may be easy to see why people choose abortion as an option.  Yet, God had a true calling and plan for both Justin as well as his mom. That’s why; one should never make a permanent decision based on temporary circumstances.  God has written our end before our beginning.  Trust His plan for your life and that of your entire family.

If you would like to purchase the book and experience the life of Pattie Mallette, click the link below:

Purchase No Where but Up today.

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Urban Inspired Sports: Inside Linsanity


Inside Linsanity

Words by Coral Davids, iLAEA Intern

Image by Mike Yorkey

Jeremy Lin, an urban inspired sportsman and point guard for the Houston Rockets, had been dubbed by the press as “Linsanity” for his seven consecutive wins in 2012 along with his staggering stat scores.  After graduating from Harvard, Jeremy Lin was the first Asian- American to enter in the NBA.  Lin was first drafted by the New York Knicks.  Not soon after being placed in the D League he was swooped up by the Houston Rockets.  After being chosen by the Houston Rockets he had seven consecutive wins and was then signed by the Rockets for a $25M contract.

That’s when it happened.  Linsanity!  Almost overnight, millions of fans began tuning out to his games and he became a news sensation.  He could be seen on billboards and was being courted for high-end endorsements.  You name it, he was on it.

And just as quickly as he rose to notoriety, was almost as quickly as his career took a downwards spiral.  Lin went from being the front man to warming the bench, barely getting any playing time.  The coaches and fans alike began to lose confidence in him, calling him “over-rated,” “over-paid,” and basically questioning his skills and his right to be on the court.  Lin felt as if he had the world on his shoulders, he was filled with anxiety and wouldn’t eat.  He wanted to live up to his nickname Linsanity; he wanted to prove the critics wrong, he wanted to play, he wanted to win.

In a moment of retrospect before one of his games, Lin thought to himself, who am I living for, whose voice am I following?  He realized then that he had to start living up to God’s expectation and his role as a child of God rather than living up to the nickname–Linsanity.  Lin knew he had to re-prioritize his life, he stated, “I told myself I’m no longer going to listen to everyone’s voice, in fact I’m not even going to listen to my own voice, I have to get back to listening to God’s voice.”

He began to follow God’s voice directing all his attention on the main source of his inspiration rather than on basketball.  Lin said rather than focusing on what others wanted him to be, he tuned everybody out, the haters and the critics.  Instead, he focused on what God wanted him to be, placing all his faith in God.  Soon after, Lin began winning again, but most importantly he found his true joy in life, a more intimate relationship with God.

He says, “The three strongest voices in society are money, worldly success, and human approval.”  In other words, people today believe that striving towards money to discover their identity (status) or measuring their success by acquiring houses, cars, top-ranked schools, and/or by society’s approval (fitting in, approval of our family members, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, coaches and bosses etc.) will make them happy.

What about you, whose voice are you listening to? Whose identity are you trying to live up to, the one God gave you or one based on what culture or society is pressuring you to assume? As a person in urban culture, you too may think that these equal a good life.

When Jeremy Lin was asked, what did you learn most from Linsanity?  He remarked, “I can honestly say the one thing I really learned from Linsanity was how empty fame, wealth and worldly success really are.  I learned that even when I had it all, it wasn’t enough.” Matthew 16:26 cites, “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

Jeremy now uses his fame to reach out to others to express the joy, fulfillment and contentment that can be found in Christ as well as spreading the message to others to not live the life others expect of you.

Personally, I love basketball.  It has always been my favorite sport. As an urban inspired consumer who is in the process of discovering what God wants to do through me, I can truly respect Lin for his talent on the court but most importantly for spreading the message of God.

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Inspired Health & Fitness feat. Michelle Obama

MO Hip hop album


Edited by Coral Davids, iLAEA Intern 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Program is partnering up with Partnership for a Healthier America and Hip Hop Public Health to create a new hip-hop album which is intended to educate and influence people about their lives and daily health. This album consists of a 19 song playlist and is set to be released September 30th 2013. The album features popular artist such as Ariana Grande, Jordan Sparks, Run DMC, Ashanti, Doug E. Fresh and more! You can even find Dr. Oz rapping in the album’s first song, Everybody!

iNSPIRED Culture is a little disappointed that M. O. is not rapping on any of the tracks, however, she is featured in every music video along with the artists and children of the up and coming generation who make hip hop HOTT!

Some of the songs featured on this album are:  U R What You Eat, Veggie Luv, Get Up Sit Up, Hip Hop LEAN and Just Believe, along with many other colorful titles.

“The simple act of getting up and dancing is really a great way to be active,” Partnership for a Healthier America Chief Marketing Officer Drew Nannis told NBC. “We are bringing together music and physical activity in a way we felt more people could identify with.” Through music, Obama believes she can inspire and unite numerous children in hopes for a healthier America. Although this album is set with more of a hip-hop vibe it also consists of different genres such as pop and country.

Ten music videos are planned to follow the album’s release through-out the year and will make its first appearance in schools within New York and then other larger cities. It hasn’t been stated yet whether or not you can find this album in stores but when it’s released it is free for downloads. Urban youth, parents, and communities can improve their lifestyles by taking a page from Mrs. Obama’s book (or album).  It’s time to stand up and get up, as a nation we should never give in or give up! Let’s move America!

Check out the album’s first song and music video, Everybody,


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Christian Fashion Week 2014

CFW Logo


Last February, Christian Fashion Week made history by showcasing eight designer lines centered around the theme of modesty. What many expected to be a “church show” turned out to be a New York style fashion show that sent ripples through the Christian andFashion communities. The group is now preparing for an entire week of fashion in February of 2014, aiming for 16 designers who will rise up to the challenge of pushing their creative talent within the construct of modesty from a Christian perspective.

“We are looking for designers who want to challenge themselves to create art without the crutch of sexuality,” commented Jose Gomez, Executive Director of Christian FashionWeek. “We fully understand that sex sells. But, for the everyday woman, sexuality is not the dominant quality she wants to exhibit. She is a force to be reckoned with beyond the visuals of her anatomy. She is fierce and demands attention with her strength, intelligence, and grace. Now, THAT is sexy.”

Christian Fashion Week has also announced that all 16 designer spots have been sponsored by the four companies of its founders – NetMinistry, TruModel, VStylist, and Tampa Headshots. Each company will sponsor the entrance fee for four designers, removing the normal budgetary constraint for designers to participate in fashion shows.

“We felt that talented designers should know how much we believe in them,” said Tamy Lugo, co-founder of Christian Fashion Week and president of VStylist. “The designers ARE the show.”

Christian Fashion Week is now accepting designer applications for its 2014 showcase.Fashion designers interested in participating should visit and apply online. The organization will be choosing its designers from among the applicants and announcing them on the website by October 1. Designers will be chosen based on the quality of their designs, references, and overall professionalism.

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Unashamed Conference 2013

The Unashamed across the globe will gather in Atlanta, GA at the Georgia World Congress Center for the first annual Unashamed Conference. This conference is for men and women (high school seniors and older). Some of the most influential pastors and leaders of our time will join us to further our movement towards greater gospel mobilization.


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