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Rebirth Network

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The Rebirth Network is an urban dance company based in London, U.K.  that brings entertaining and soul captivating concepts to the world’s stage. Rebirth is a culturally diverse, multifaceted company, fusing hip hop, contemporary, mime, and dance theater like no other. Bringing together a team of passionate and talented individuals, the company’s aim is to inspire and motivate other dance artists, communities and young people nationally and internationally.

The mission is to be a high standard dance company that can go into the world and bring a positive, life changing, and influential message through the art of dance and theater. The artist’s Christian faith is what inspires all that they do.

This company aspires to touch audiences beyond the limited expectations of dance. Working within the community and the entertainment industry, The Rebirth Network uses high impact performance pieces which tackle real life issues that are widely relatable.RNPic2

Rebirth currently conducts shows and workshops in and around the U.K., providing dance programs, internships, mentoring, networking events and other relevant opportunities for young people and dance artists. In addition, vocational programs are offered to Christian dance artists who want to train in a professional environment.

Since Rebirth has been in existence, they have built up a good reputation for their fresh, innovative, heartfelt dance theater works and their ability to bring a new vibe to the venues they are in; impacting a generation with a simple motto “Dance to be Free”.

The company was founded by choreographer/artistic director Daniel 7 in 2011.

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